Academe Mentor

Every employee suffers from stress at some time. Whether it is caused in the workplace, or at home is largely irrelevant, as the problem will still manifest itself in the workplace anyways. A troubled employee is not as productive as a contented employee. Their work rate will drop and they may make mistakes. This causes them further stress with its various symptoms which compounds the problem and starts a vicious cycle that normally leads to absenteeism. Academe Mentor is conceptualized for those who are indeed determined to enter the world of opportunities. We are introducing modules which have been expertly designed to perfectly suit the needs of not only the students but also for those who are seeking job opportunities and improving lifestyles. Of course! Career opportunities shall be provided to the candidate through denovo.

Corporate Training

Leadership and interpersonal skills

Negotiation and persuasive skills

Personality development

Basic and corporate communication

Conflict management

Consumer Awareness

Time and stress management

Creativity and problem solving

Customer centric approach

Team building exercises

Competency based interviewing skills workshop

Presentation skills and public speaking

Change management and cultural sensitivity workshop

How We Do It?

Methodology at ‘Academe Mentor’ has been strategically designed incorporating in innovative do-it-yourself tools to best suit the new-age management concepts and dynamic environment.

What We Do?

Our goal is to transform individuals into motivated and confident achievers who can take on the world.