Santoshi Foundation


The Santushti Welfare Society was established as an independent CSR initiative of De Novo Consultants to actively engage in defined community services. Santushti focuses on empowering women and girls of rural areas through education and employability, giving them better health care and providing them a platform to learn, grow and lead better lives. Santushti (means satisfaction) wherein the team strives to develop both rural society and environment related issues.

Our Objectives

Child Development & Nutrition



Education & Girl Education

Training Of Rural Social Community

Energy Development

Waste Management

Consumer Awareness

Self Employment Training & Capacity Building

Women Empowerment & Self Employment Training

Water Conservation & Soil Conservation

HIV AIDS - Awareness, Reason & Safety

Educational & Cultural Exchange & Development

Technical Training To Youth & Unemployed Person For Self Emp

Our Vision

Achieve a value oriented sustainable society based on social orientation, economic growth, capacity building and empowerment for both women and girl child in the rural sector and educating and training them on water conservation, energy development and waste management along with health issues.